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Domain Name Tools: WHOIS Lookup

Use this WHOIS Lookup to find out DNS information, NIC handle information and more!


Simply type in the domain name and hit Go!

Other Domain Name Tools

Domain Name Tools - Domain Name Generator:
If you're out of ideas for a domain name, the Domain Name Generator can help! Internet Connection's DNG uses your input to help you decide on a domain name! Try the Domain Name Generator out here!
Domain Name Tools - Domain Name Watcher:
Have your eye on a domain name that's owned by someone else? The Domain Name Watcher will keep track for you! When the domain name expires you'll get an email and, until then, an email at an interval you set, just to let you know the script is still keeping an eye on the name. Try the Domain Name Watcher here!
Domain Name Tools - Expiration Reminder:
Keep an eye on when your domain name(s) expire without doing a thing! The Expiration Reminder Tool will send you an email message 45, 30, 15, 5 and 1 day before the name expires! Try the Expiration Watcher here!
Domain Name Tools - Global Lookup Tool:
Can't find a domain name with the .com, .net, or .org extension? The Lookup Tool can help by searching to see if your domain is available with other top-level international domain extensions. Try the Global Lookup Tool here!
Domain Name Tools - Domain Name Management Console:
Need to update your WHOIS information with a new phone number or email address? Our domain name control center allows you to instantly modify any domain name-related information from any web-browser! Access the Domain Name Management Console here!
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