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Help Section: Nameserver and Registrar Transfer FAQ

Below is a list of questions regarding transferring domain name registrars and nameservers. If you don't see what you're looking for here, please contact us.

1. I already have a domain name, how do I transfer it to ICDomainNames?

By using the term "transfer", you can mean one of two things:
  1. Transferring the domain name registrar. A registrar is a company with which you register and renew a domain name. Transferring registrars is usually a simple process. Many people who register their domain name with one registrar will often switch to another registrar to take advantage of better pricing, service and support. For example, Network Solutions charges $35/year to register and renew domain names through their service. By switching to ICDomainNames, you can save $15/year and also have access to our web-based domain name administration panel and friendly, knowledgeable support staff. To transfer from your current registrar to ICDomainNames, please use this form.
  2. Transferring the domain name from another website hosting service. This is also known as a nameserver transfer and is what most people mean when they refer to the "transfer" of a domain name. Depending on who you've registered your domain name through, this process is either very easy or very frustrating. Luckily our staff has dealt with this process before and can help you every step of the way. The nameserver transfer process begins when you click here.

2. How long will the transfer of my domain name take?

Like the actual transfer process, the amount of time it takes to transfer your domain name to our nameservers depends on the registrar you used to register the domain and the process they use for transfers. Here is some general information to give you an idea of how long it will take:

Domains registered using Network Solutions Inc.
If you registered your domain using Network Solutions, the transfer must be approved using their "Mail-From" authorization method. A short while after you submit your transfer form, we send a transfer request to Network Solutions. They in turn send an email to the address listed for the Administrative Contact of your domain. This email is referred to as a "Domain Modification Agreement". To approve the transfer you need to copy and paste the entire body of the agreement into a blank email, and send it to Once they receive the agreement from you, it usually takes them 48-72 hours to process it and complete the transfer.

Domains registered using ICDomains
If you registered your domain using our services, no transfer is required.

Domains registered using
If you registered your domain using, please include the user name and password you chose to use for adminitration of the domain when you registered it in the appropriate section of the transfer form. We then use this information to make the necessary changes required for the transfer. After we do this, sends an email to the address listed for Administrative Contact of the domain asking them to approve the transfer. Once you have approved the changes, it usually takes 24-48 hours to process the changes and let them take effect.

Domains registered using
If you registered your domain using, simply include your Account Name and your Account Password in the appropriate section of the transfer form. We will let you know if we need anything else. Once you submit the form, it should take roughly 48-72 hours for Dotster to update their database.

Domains registered using companies not listed above
There are many other organizations that provide registration and administration services besides the ones listed above. However, the registrars that we have provided information about are the ones that we find our customers use most frequently. If you registered your domain using another company here is what you should do to get it transferred:
  1. If you know that the company you used for registration allows you to manage your domain through the use of a user name and password, please include the user name and password in the appropriate section of the transfer form. We will contact you for further information if we need it.
  2. If you do not know whether or not the company you used to register your domain allows you to manage to it through the use of a user name and password, contact the support department of that company and request that they remove the nameservers currently associated with your domain and add these nameservers:

    Primary Nameserver: NS1.INTERNETCONNECTION.NET
    IP Address:

    Secondary Nameserver: NS2.INTERNETCONNECTION.NET
    IP Address:

3. Will my website be down at all when I transfer my hosting service to Internet Connection?

Your website should experience no downtime while transferring to Internet Connection if:
  1. Your account is in good standing with the hosting provider you're transferring from.
  2. You set up and transfer your content to your Internet Connection hosting account before cancelling the service with your current provider.

4. I owe a balance on my domain name, can I still transfer registrars?

Unfortunately no. Before transferring registrars you must clear any balances on the domain name. Your current registrar actually releases the name to the registrar requesting ownership. If they see that you owe them money they will not authorize the transfer.

5. Some of the information in my domain name's WHOIS record is incorrect. Will this affect the registrar/nameserver transfer?

If your registrar allows you to change your WHOIS information via a web-based administrator, you can update information and change nameserver information easily.

However, with registrars that use email-based authentication methods, such as Network Solutions, erroneous contact information, specifically the adiministrative contact's email address, must be corrected before a registrar or nameserver transfer takes place.

Follow the instructions below to obtain a NIC tracking number. Tracking number in-hand, visit this page and follow the procedure oulined there.

  1. Access the "Make Changes" area in Network Solutions' website.
  2. Supply your domain name, submit the form and choose "change my Contact record address, phone or email" from the next page.
  3. Supply the email address and contact handle for the domain name. Note: You must use the information listed in the name's WHOIS record.
  4. Select the authorization method you currently use for you domain name.
  5. Modify your contact information.
  6. Select a new authorization method that you'd like to use for you domain name, supply a valid email address and hit "Generate Contact Form".
  7. After hitting "Mail this Contact Form to me" you have to wait for the actual email message to arrive. This message will contain your NIC tracking number.

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