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Domain Name Services

From registering your domain name to helping you manage and maintain your online prescence, Internet Connection offers a variety of services tailored to your needs as a domain registration customer and as a webmaster.

Register your domain name and get a free month of website hosting!

Register your domain name with Internet Connection and receive either 1 month of website hosting or 2 months of email-only hosting, for free!

Domain Name Registration

With affordable registration services, tiered multi-registration discounts, a web-based domain control panel and a friendly, knowledgable support staff, it's no wonder so many people choose to register their domain names through us!


Even if you don't have a website yet, your domain can be parked until you're ready to use it. You even get a free domain parking page!

Your First Two Months Free!

Transfer from your current domain name registrar and transfer your website hosting services to Internet Connection to receive either 2 months of website hosting, or 4 months of email-only hosting, for free!

Registrar transfer

Even if you've registered a domain name with another registrar, you can still take advantage of ICDomainNames' lower registration/renewal fees, easy-to-use domain administration panel and helpful support personnel, simply transfer registrars!

Please take a look at our Nameserver and Registrar Transfer FAQ and use this form to start the process.

Domain Name Forwarding

Domain name forwarding is a simple and effective way to have more than one domain name point to the same site. For example, it's advisable to purchase the .com, .net and .org extension for your domain name. Using domain name forwarding, you can each of these domian names point to your site. For more information on domain name forwarding, please contact an Internet Connection sales representative.

Custom DNS Server Addresses

Are you looking for a no-cost way to give your company a more independent and professional Internet presence? Register and host your domain name with Internet Connection and take advantage of a feature that was created just for this purpose: Custom DNS Server Addresses

Typically, the domain name registrar or web hosting provider will assign DNS server addresses that bear their own company domain name. For example, our DNS server addresses are as follows:

By offering, Custom DNS Server Addresses, we now provide you with a way to have your own DNS server addresses bearing your domain name rather than ours (e.g. and Read more about custom DNS server addresses or sign up for your own custom dns server addresses.

Please note, we can only offer the Custom DNS Server Addresses service to customers who host their domain name with Internet Connection.

Other Web Services

In addition to domain name registration and manangement services, Internet Connection offers a suite of turnkey solutions including a complete line of web hosting packages.

Email Hosting

Many businesses have no use for a website yet still realize the importance of acquiring a domain name for their use. Securing your web prescence now also allows you to take advantage of the efficiency found in communication via email. Instead of paying for additonal website-related features and services that you won't use, we offer an email hosting package custom tailored for businesses in this category. For more on this, please visit our Mail and Web Hosting by Internet Connection page.

Website Hosting

Whether you're ready to join the world of online business or simply want to put up a site with information on your favorite recipes, Internet Connection's virtual hosting solutions provide you with the best bang for your buck. Designed to be flexible yet powerful, our packages work with all of the newest web technologies and help make your life as a webmaster easy. More information on our web hosting services can be found by looking here.
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